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Data protection regulation


I agree with the company Urdlwirt-Hotel Reif KG to receive electronically generated mail and/or advertising in any form, e.g. Newsletters.
I hereby confirm that I am not registered with the "Robinson" list (MPS list) in accordance with the law established on §7 paragraph 2 of the e-commerce act (ECG).


I hereby consent, in my own name, that the company Urdlwirt-Hotel Reif KG may use my personal data, in particular:


• Client data (last name, first name, main residence address, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers, professional and private contact details - including contact persons and their positions, date of birth, language and license plate as well as my car model/maker)

• Data in identification documents (e.g. travel document, ID card, driver’s license, etc., including issuing authority and validity, nationality)

• Arrival and departure dates and complete booking duration, room number

• The services and personal preferences I have requested during my stay (such as food or bedding requests), any allergies, intolerances, special needs, customer or special requests, date and type of services used and/or consumed, including particular categories of the acquired information

• Payment and payment information, in particular debit cards, credit cards and bank cards

• Customer Feedback


for the following purposes:


• Reservation of rooms and tables as well as other services, booking of rooms and services in the hotel and catering industry as well as their execution, handling and invoicing thereof and of other hotel services and services (B2B, B2C, FIT)

• Customer care including all necessary correspondence, processing of customer requests, service charges

• Booking and planning of assemblies and events of all kinds

• Intermediation and/or delivery of transport services and rental vehicles

• Video surveillance of all access to the hotel, all outside areas of the hotel and generally accessible premises within the hotel building, boundaries and adjacent buildings such as parking areas, purposely for security reasons e.g. for the protection of persons and property, in particular the property of the hotel guests and the hotel itself.


Furthermore, the transmission of data to the local registration office, the Customer Alliance or other rating platforms and other online-booking platforms, along with their vicarious agents, is permitted.


I want all of my services-related to the use of the hotel to be as effective and as time-saving as possible, and that my specific customer wishes may be taken into account. For the purpose of my optimal care, I wish that


The entirety of the data mentioned in this statement, be stored beyond the duration of my business relationship with the hotel for a maximum of 3 years, which is the longest statutory data storage requirement for the hotel, so that this data may be processed and used in the eventuality of a new request and/or claim is desired by me and also, if needed, to be extended to third parties.


I have been informed that I am entitled to withdraw this consent at any time in whole or in part from the hotel.


I am aware that I can access the hotel's privacy policy on its web site at and I hereby confirm that I have read, understood and agree with it.