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our history


1896 - How it all began


Urdlwirt 1899


The brewer craftsman Georg Urdl bought a small inn in 1896 which soon became a popular meeting point for cart riders from all over the world. Initially the inn supplied itself with fruits and vegetables as well as meats from its own agricultural production.


The Urdlwirt restaurant was already a popular destination back then, especially for the "people from the big city". With their horse-drawn carriages and bicycles. They would travel long distances for a good meal - mainly on the weekends - from Graz to Premstätten. During this time, the Urdl family already enjoyed the widespread popularity of the “Urdlwirt” (or “Urdl Inn”) and its reputation as a popular place to eat the beloved "breaded fried-chicken".




1950 - The next generation




Georg Urdl (son), the son of Georg Urdl, a hobby-hunter, and his wife Rosina, took over the inn and continued the tradition of his father: good home cooking and, of course, the good "Styrian Backhendl" were served to the guests .


Rosina Urdl was always the good soul of the operation. As a skilled cook, she had the Urdlwirt kitchen under control, and in it, she prepared enthusiastically delicious dishes that were brought to the tables.


Soon the Urdl family expanded with their offspring - their daughters Rosi, Waltraud and Margit - brighten the household as the "Dreimäderlhaus". Or the house with the “three young ladies.” After finishing her school years at the Hotel Management School in Bad Gleichenberg, Waltraud became her mother’s successor and worked in the Urdlwirt kitchen as well as in the overall service of the inn. She lived in and for the inn.



1980 - A new Urdlwirt with Waltraud and Herbert Reif


In the year 1980, a new Urdlwirt was opened. Taken over by Waltraud and Herbert Reif, it was built directly next to the old building. Herbert, Waltraud’s husband, was a master baker who had been for a long-time a successful host of another inn in the town of Maria Lankowitz.

Mr. and Mrs. Reif worked around the clock for their business and their guests. Herbert Reif brought his recipes for delicious strudels and cakes to Premstätten. The same recipes are still in use today! Waltraud Reif continued working in the kitchen - along with her husband, - serving food to their guests. New taste trends led to the creation of new dishes while traditional dishes continued to be popular.

The 20 guest rooms were soon not enough to meet the demand for hotel rooms. In the following years, the Reif family expanded the hotel business with two new guest houses. The main building was expanded and renovated.

Finally, the guests had 150 beds for overnight stays as well as 400 seats in the restaurant and 200 seats on the terrace.

Waltraud and Herbert Reif had three children: Georg, Herbert and Brigitte, who grew up in and within the business. In 1995, Georg and his wife Helga along with his brother Herbert Reif joined in the family-run business.


2008 - „The young Reifs‘ turn“


On the first of January, 2008, it was time for a change of generations at the Urdlwirt - Hotel Reif. Herbert and Waltraud Reif handed over the business to their sons Georg and Herbert, who are now in charge. Both were brought up in the family-run business and have therefore enough know-how. Their sister Brigitte also supports at the reception from time to time.

 The “young family Reif” continued the proven system of their parents, following the same basic principles. Since the takeover, the family, along with a team of 40 employees, has also continued to work on the development of the system, in the best interest of their guests.

 "Tradition and innovation!" - These are the guiding principles of the young generation, who with their daily commitment and ideas always strive to remain updated for their guests.



Family Reif: "Back then and nowadays: the satisfaction of our guests is at the forefront!"



To date - We always give our house a new coat of paint


We always strive to keep our business "up-to-date" and to offer you, our guest, an appealing and attractive ambience. That is why we have implemented a large number of modernizations and conversions in the recent years. These are:


·  2009 Complete renovation of 30 hotel rooms

                • 2010 Partial renovation of 21 hotel rooms

• 2011 Construction of a 300 kw gas heating system for all buildings

• 2011 New construction of the parking area, south of the main building

• 2012 Construction of the new fitness room

• 2012 Complete renovation of the wellness area

• 2013 Adding of the new toilets and a meeting room

• 2013 New reception with new hotel entrance

• 2015 Complete renovation of 20 hotel rooms

• 2015/16 Remodeling of the kitchen and the restaurant