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How about a trip?


Schnaps is not the same as liquor!

Distillery - Hochstrasser in Mooskirchen


Feindestillerie Hochstrasser.jpg

Distanz: 13 km



To the lake!

Schwarzl Leisure park in Premstätten


At the park Schwarzl you will find plenty of free time activities as well as numerous events ans concerts to watch throughout the year! We wish you lots of fun!

Schwarzl Freizeitzentrum in Unterpremstätten

Distanz: 1,5 km


If you stay at our hotel, the entrance to the park Schwarzl is free! You can also ride a bike to the lake. For our hotel guests there are free bike-rentals.



Where do the Lipizzans come from?

The federal studs from Piber in the West Styria, are our native horses.


Bundesgestüt Piber - Die Lipizzanerheimat

 Distanz: 33 km



Castles and palaces as far as your eyes can see...

The Castles ´street


Die Schlösserstrasse


Deutschlandsberg Palace

29 km

Seggau Palace

31 km

Castle Herberstein

51 km

Stubenberg Palace

55 km

Schieleiten Palace

57 km

Kornberg Palace

61 km

Obermayerhofen Palace

66 km

Pöllau Palace

66 km

Castle Riegersburg

67 km

Kapfenstein Palace

74 km

Tabor Palace

80 km

Castle Bad Radkersburg

87 km

Castle Güssing

90 km

Castle Bernstein

104 km

Castle Schlaining

106 km

Thannegg Palace

161 km



100 original historical and peasant buildings

Freilichtmuseum Stübing (an open-air museum that exhibits collections of buildings and artifacts outdoors.)


Freilichtmuseum Stübing

 Distanz: 31 km



Enjoy the precious treasures of Styria

Styrian wine country


A trip through the idyllic Styrian wine country is worth a small trip! You have the choice of 8 wine roads where most oft he wineries of Styria are located. You will find yourself exactly at the home oft he Styrian wine producers!


Klapotetz - Steirischer Wein


The Styrian wine country is divided into three wine regions

·         South East Styria

·         South Styria

·         West Styria

Each area has ist own unique landscapes and produces ist own wines.



Distances to the wine roads:


Schilcher Wine Road

22 km

Sausaler Wine Road

29 km

East Styrian Roman Wine Road

32 km

South Styrian Wine Road

35 km

Klapotetz Wine Road

39 km

Thermenland Wine Road

66 km

South Styrian Hügelland Wine Road

69 km

Klöcher Wine Road

87 km




Fresh, juicy, Styrian!

The Apple road


Distanz: 48 km



Into the realm oft he dripping stones (stalactites)

The Lurgrotte (a cave near Graz which is famous for ist beautiful underground formations and stalactites)



Lurgrotte Semriach, Distanz: 37 km


Lurgrotte Peggau, Distanz: 32 km



Discover the center of the state captial.

Welcome to Graz!




Distanz bis zum Grazer Hauptplatz: 13 km



 Church of St. Barbara

 The „Hundertwasser“-Church in Bärnbach


Distanz: 31 km



The most extensive agricultural museum in Europe

Expernishof Reczek



 Distanz: 8 km



Exhibition for home builders

Sample Houses Park in Graz


Distanz: 8,5 km



How about a day at the spa?

The Styrian thermal-bath region



Bad Waltersdorf

65 km

Bad Blumau

69 km


68 km

Bad Radkersburg

87 km

Bad Gleichenberg

67 km


*Bad = it meansbathhere. Thermal-bath region!


The thermal baths in the West Styria

Therme Nova


Distanz: 32 km